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Graphic designer residing in Barcelona.

Available for freelance, tea.



Objects are the trivial impersonal reality that surrounds us and obtains life when it interacts with the person. The same object can be a piece of an inanimate matter for one individual and, at the same time, can be the entire universe for another. This project consists of two parts, which explore this relations.


The book "Genesis" narrates about the origin of the world created around the object, in which the person plays the role of Creator. This part explains the formation of the first objects, how they obtain Soul, the reasons of the diversity of their species, the consequences of their expansion all over the world, and what is most  important, – their intricate relationship with the Creator.


The other part of the project is formed by twelve folded sheets, each of them analyzes one of the unique interconnections with objects (motives, habits and dependencies).



Posters and flyers for the creative space "Patio" (spa. open space, playground). "Patio" is aimed at the construction of the space for the communication, interaction, and sharing of the knowledge and positive emotions. This is a new institution where the visitors can socialize freely, without prejudice. The concept of the "Patio" is a lively organism, where each participant is cell, important for its functioning.



This work is a synthesized representation of major personal traits of a movie character Steve Zissou from Wes Anderson´s film "Life Aquatic", played by Bill Murray. Steve Zissou is an ocean explorer, who has an outstanding unique personality, in which an egocentric loner is combined with a vulnerable dreamer, who chases his fantasies.


The name of the identity "Mola Mola" is a scientific name for a sunfish, an unusual, beautiful and at the same time weird fish which is rarely seen accompanied by other "Mola Mola" and is vulnerable to extinction.


The logo makes reference to a world that revolves around the personality of this character.


The yellow circle represents a lonely, yet rich and dreamy character, contrasted to the rigid reticulated world, which changes under the influence of a circle, centering around him, as if attracted by his magnetism, changing the trivial reality.



Changing order

Reality distortion






Brand, promo-material and packaging for the perfume for men "Wold", based on the concept of Tranquility. The promotional publication represents the  metaphysical journey across the deserted worlds, which leads one to the state of serenity, where nothing is significant. Turning the pages of the publication, the reader discovers the images of the territories of the Earth, where no humans live, solemn stones. These pictures are visually united with the marbelling paintings, and this union of the real and fantasy is where the world of Tranquility  – "Wold" lies.

The handcrafted packaging for the "Wold" perfume and associated products made out of natural materials collected in abandoned places.